Showing the unbuilt

Door Klaas van der Veen 23 November 2017

The industrial is part of design.

Designs should be simple, modular, repeatable, functional.

This is why I like working for industrial clients.


When you’re an industrial client, what you need is simple.

Your engineering is genius, your product is supersmart, but people need to experience it. And when they cannot, they need to be shown how good it is. And when you want the visitors of your fair, or the readers of your brochure to buy it, they need to be able to envision what this thing you sell can do for them.

The visuals you have (engineering or architectural drawings) are not fit to carry the message. Photo’s of your solution in use with other clients aren’t attractive either.You need a simple way of showing your components, their functioning and their use in such a way that a client can say ‘I can see that working for me’.

I made some tools and products to make sales easier.