Science into art, for impact

Door Klaas van der Veen 23 November 2017


We know scientific theses or books are great works of the human mind. We know science can be immensely attractive to those already interested. But most of the time, science needs an introduction, a conversation starter.

The natural sciences tend to combine the concrete (say rocks) with the abstract (say ‘a billion years ago’), the big (the earth’s crust) with the small (crystals). Moreover, this all happens over time, and in space.

There’s not enough information for precise visuals, details often clutter the image and prevent quick scanning.

The compression needed to make a conversation starter feels like an amputation. A scientist, used to filling page after page with precise textual info, can’t bear to witness this.

Unless he trusts the designer.

Unless he or she is shown the benefits. The result looks nice, is compact, sendable, almost like a gift, and repurposing the compact information for use in presentations or posters is easy.

I guess the main reason for hiring me for this kind of work is trust. You will feel I love the subject, have genuine concern for how it is portrayed, and I can feel your discomfort when someone starts reshaping your work.